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The Alpaca Farm’s Most Important Asset: The Alpaca Herdsire

There is no more important element of an alpaca breeding program when it comes to determining the herd’s overall quality, than the alpaca herdsire. The herdsire is a most important determinant in all other animal breeding programs as well, but the alpaca herdsire has special qualities that give it such an important influence in the alpaca’s breeding program. Since the alpaca bloodlines that are currently available only are for about four or five generations, the selection of a stud into the breeding program is one of the most important processes for an alpaca breeder. The multi-generation pedigrees are just not guaranteed to pass the certain traits desired onto the offspring, which means that the herdsire selected must be selected with great care.

What is an Alpaca Herdsire? To understand fully what an alpaca herdsire and its importance is, it is first essential to understand what an alpaca is. An alpaca is a very friendly creature that is used for the fur they produce, which can be of a greater quality than cashmere, and also offers several more colors. The alpaca has become quite popular due to the fact that it can produce over 20 colors, bringing a great variety to the products they are used for. The herdsire is the key factor in determining just how the product will result as it serves as the father to the entire crop of calf. Not just one female is mated with the herdsire, but the entire herd’s female alpaca.

What is the Purpose of Alpaca Herdsire?

The alpaca herdsire is the leading factor in the breeders calf crop, affecting the marketability and quality. The herdsire serves the purpose of siring the entire herd, not just one calf, which means that a poor quality herdsire could greatly decrease the quality of the output a breeder produces. There are various factors that play a key role in the quality of an alpaca, including:

• Softness of coat
• Color of coat
• Texture of coat
• Consistency of coat

The herdsire pretty much dictates to the breeder just what type of quality can be expected from the generations sired, which is why the selection of an alpaca herdsire is so important.

The Alpaca Farm

Most alpaca farms have one or more herdsires that represent the quality of the farm. The selection process is very particular with many herdsires passed by before the right one is chosen. The farm will also consist of several females, most times of different varieties and bloodlines. The herdsire mates with these females in order to produce the farms crop of valuable and top quality alpaca fur, if the selection process was done appropriately.

The alpaca herdsire is one of the most important assets to an alpaca farm, dictating the future product the farm will produce. With such great importance, the alpaca breeders often look over several alpaca herdsires before choosing the right one. The choice made is a critical choice to the farm’s success and could lead to greatness and high reputation, or a downfall if the breeder wasn’t careful.

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