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Find everything Alpaca at Animaroo Alpacas. Whether searching for a huacaya or a suri alpaca you've come to the right place. Alpaca farms can be found literally anywhere in the United States from Seattle Washington to Orlando Florida alpaca farms are right around the corner. Find an alpaca farmer in your backyard or anywhere in the United States by searching above and bring one of these lovable animals home to your alpaca farm or ranch today.

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Now more than ever having alpacas for sale as part of your farming environment is a great way to add to your farm’s income.
Whether you’re trying to sell alpacas for breeding stock or for fiber you’ve come to the right place.
We’re here to help alpaca breeders establish or add to a successful alpaca herd by providing extraordinary alpaca services from alpaca websites to alpaca for sale listings. We stand above the competition in customer service and unique advertising opportunities for the alpaca community.

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Alpacas were originally found in the mountains of South America and were only first brought to the United States in 1984 where there are now still only about 12,000 alpacas for sale. Unlike their close relatives the llama, alpacas are bred primarily for their fiber which is known to be warmer and softer than wool! There are two alpaca breeds the suri alpaca and the huacaya alpaca. The suri and huacaya alpacas can be told apart by their fiber types. Huacaya alpacas have very fluffy hair fibers while the suri alpacas have very long shiny or even curly hair fibers. The Alpaca is a docile animal and is very friendly and calm in nature. You can find an alpaca for sale from anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000 and up. Alpaca breeders and farms can be found literally anywhere in the United States. Alpaca breeding has caught on so much in the U.S. that finding alpacas for sale in television commercials is now common. There are several national and regional alpaca groups that can better teach new alpaca breeders how to properly raise alpacas and how to ensure a prosperous businesses having alpacas for sale.


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