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Sweet, gentle and full of fleece! That is the Alpacas. Alpacas are a beautiful breed with a sweet disposition that are raised and herded for their fiber. "Alpaca" main meaning refers to the hair of the Peruvian Alpacas, and generally speaking it refers to the style of fabric originally made from their hair.

Both the camel and the Ilama are related to the Alpaca with all being species of the camelid breed. Vicurias are also a species of the camelid and along with the Alpaca are the most valuable due to being fiber bearing animals.

Alpacas and Ilamas can be cross-bred and the result is a beautiful, gentle animal with a unique fleece and sweet disposition call a Huarizo.

The Alpacas comes in two well known breeds that are popular here in the United States- the Suri and the Huacaya. A little about the two breeds is as follows:

Huacaya: Soft, gentle and the luxurious feeling of cashmere. That is the Huacaya. The fleece of the Huacaya is used for many fiber processes, namely it is used as a fine suiting cloth. Other uses include, however, felting, knitwear, weaving and blending with other natural fibers.

Suri: Elegant, sleek and straight. This is the Suri. While unlike the Huacaya, which has gentle crimped strands of hair the Suri is straight, almost like a silk drape- a beautiful touch. The  Suri alpaca is mainly used as cloth for the production of luxurious overcoats.

Alpacas Facts: Of the two breeds the most popular is the  Huacaya alpaca.

Alpacas live in family groups which consists of male, female and their young.

The Alpaca's Fiber: Alpaca are herded for their fiber which is a silky, lustrous natural fiber. The Alpaca fiber varies from the sheep's wool as it is hypoallergenic and much warmer and smoother. The finishing process of the hair is much like that used for wool as it is carded, spun, and weaved.

Alpaca Prices: Prices for Alpacas in the United States vary greatly and can range between $100 to $500,000. The difference being quality and breed. A deseed male will run the cheapest while world champions will be priced the highest.

Alpaca Behavior: Alpacas typically live in family group herds with the male, female and their young- with the male being dominant. The group is fairly protective and when danger is sensed the Alpacas will warn one another by making sharp, noisy inhalations resulting in a high pitch sound. While they do not always attack if the predicator is smaller they may attack with a biting and a kicking.

Their disposition is fairly even tempered. They are a sweet and gentle animal and tend to make a humming sound which many refer to as the sounds of peace and contentment, while others say it is to let other Alpacas know they are present. Regardless, they are a peaceful animals.

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