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Alpaca Wool

The interest in Alpaca fiber has stretched across the world- reaching the United States. Originally manufactured in the animals native land, Peru, the demand began to become so overwhelming that farms began to get set up in other countries as well. And, today, there are many Alpacas farms across the United States.

Alpaca products produced by the individual farms include hats, foot warmers, scarf’s, etc. Because the wool of the Alpaca is warmer, lighter and not prickly like that of sheep's wool, it is sought after by many sports enthusiasts such as R.E.I. The wool makes for a wonderful glossy appearance similar to merino wool fiber and is durable and strong- a beautiful fine and light fleece with the ability to provide additional warmth over that of the sheep's wool. Because the wool is sustainable and naturally organic it is considered a green textile.

The color of the Alpacas hair comes in a variety of shades, from silver-grays and rose greasy, to blue black, browns, browns-black, fawns, and white. Many of the manufactures and farms using the fiber to create clothing items use the white to dye into various shades- making it the most popular color among the breed.

Alpaca fiber is ideal for light textiles as it contains microscopic airbags that assist it in forming air pockets that provide insulation. The quality of the fiber varies from Alpaca to Alpaca, however, a good quality is described as approximately 18 to 25 micrometers in diameter. Breeders report that the fiber can sell anywhere between two to four dollars per ounce. The finer fleeces, which are smaller diameter and are thicker, are between 1 µm and 5 µm per year. This normally results due to over nutrition; the animal will not gain weight-fat and its fiber gets thicker.

In determining the value of the Alpaca the two most important factors are fiber and conformation. Aniamroo Alpacas has top breeders from every state in the United States, ready to assist and answer any and all questions. Take a look around, view the pictures and get an idea of the quality Alpacas on the site, leave a message if you’d like, we are glad you stopped by!

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