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There are two types of Alpaca’s, Suri and Huacayas. Pronounced as WOK-EYE- UH, this magnificent Alpacas were a valued possession of the Incan Civilization of Peru. It’s known to have played a crucial role in Incan culture. It was only around 1984 that Huacaya Alpacas were imported into the United States of America. As compared to Suri’s, Huacaya Alpacas, come in a vivid range of 17 colors ranging from black to white, that’s more natural colors than any other fiber producing animal. Huacayas can weigh around 120-200 pounds while reaching a height of 6-8 feet. The do not come under the list of endangered species. One of the main differences between the Suri and Huacayas Alpacas is their fiber. The fibers of a Huacaya are fluffy and have a spongy appearance. They produce exquisite and valuable fleece which is much stronger than sheep wool. Alpaca fleece is as soft as cashmere and warmer, lighter, and much stronger than sheep wool. A single alpaca produces enough fleece each year to create several soft warm sweaters for its owner's comfort. As a testimony to the quality of alpaca fleece, clothing made of alpaca fiber was once reserved for Incan royalty. Now spinners and weavers around the world can now appreciate the luxurious fibers from the alpaca. Their appearance resembles a very long legged, long necked sheep. They are attractive, intellectual, placid, and extremely friendly animals. They can be trained without a problem and easily fit in the family van. Alpacas may occasionally spit on one another alpacas if sufficiently angered, but there is no known case of it spitting in people. There are a number of Huacaya Alpacas Breeders and its demand is seeing steady growth. Every Huacaya Alpacas for sale comes at demanding prices based on the quality of stock. Long term breeding of Huacayas can result in an active profit against the initial investment.

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