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The Suri Alpaca is a member of the camelid family and resembles a small llama in appearance. Suris are substantially smaller than llamas, and are bred exclusively for their fiber which is mainly used for making knitted and woven items. Quite similar to that of wool. This fiber amazingly comes in more than 52 natural colors. Just for the record, Suri Alpaca breeders have been known to exists around 5,000 to 20,000 years ago. The Suri’s characteristic locks are made up of twisted fibers that curtain down the sides of the Suri’s body. These animals socialize a lot and live in groups. If you develop an interest to breed alpacas, it’s noteworthy to know that many alpacas do not like to be grabbed. Stoking and petting is fine and limited to the back and head. Not all alpacas spit, but there is a chance of them doing so.

The number of sounds an Alpacas makes can be astonishing. A high pitched sound is emitted when in danger, something similar to a shriek. Some breeds are known to make a "wark" noise when excited. This seems to have an effect on cats and dogs. Another type of sound is the “cluck” or “click” sound which signifies a friendly or submissive behavior. They make wonderful hobby farm residents. They are quiet, peaceful, easy to care and never known to cause harm. These animals generally eat hay or grass and sometimes plants. However, it’s quite possible to devour anything in sight. If you do plan on adopting one, there are plenty of Suri Alpacas breeders, farms and auctions that have Suri Alpacas for sale. They can be purchased within the range from $100 to a staggering $500,000, the highest champion in the world. A scheduled appointment is required where professional staff is at hand to provide the information required on this wonderful breed.

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